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1. Assessment

  •  Lots of questions! We need to take a thorough history so that we can identify any aspects which may be relevant to your animal's current presentation, even if it's just a maintenance session

  • Static assessment - whether that be behaviour, conformation or which leg they prefer to rest

  • Gait assessment - a walk and trot up, small circles and occasionally a ridden/working assessment

  • Hands on assessment - covering both sides of the animal and noting muscle mass, tone, any asymmetry, plus any areas of pain or restricted movement

2. Treatment

Following each assessment, whether I have seen your animal a hundred times or never before, every treatment is tailored specifically for each animal. 

Treatments will likely include a combination of the following:

  •  Manual techniques, such as massage, trigger point release and myofascial release

  • Use of electrotherapies such as the 3b Omega laser, ultrasound or heat pad

  • Targeted stretches to aid muscle elongation and relaxation


3. Exercise Prescription

Exercise prescription is a vital aspect of physiotherapy treatment.

  •  We will only set achievable exercises that both animal and owner are capable of completing regularly

  •  Exercises are tailored to each individual's needs and can be as simple as square sits or carrot stretches after your ride.

  • Following the prescribed exercise programme aids the efficacy of physiotherapy treatment and helps achieve your aims more quickly!

I ensure that exercises aren't too daunting and will demonstrate each one with you so you're happy with how to perform them.

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