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Greta Mason

Sponsored Rider


"Becca is a fantastic asset to the team. She is very thorough when assessing the horses to make sure they are all working correctly and feeling as well as possible."

Helen Bates

Sponsored Rider


"I’ve always used really great chiropractor but had been looking for a physio to join the team and further help the horse's development and performance.

Since Becca has begun treating my horses I’ve noticed a huge difference. Particularly with one mare who had been getting tricky and showing signs of discomfort.

In two sessions Becca has completely transformed her way of going which has allowed her to relax more in work and hopefully develop more strength for the future.

I can’t wait to see what results Becca can bring with her and my other horses in the future"

Matt Buckland

Sponsored Rider


"Becca has been treating my horses for a while now and her passion and care for each one of them is so special!

They all feel amazing! Safe to say they all thoroughly enjoy their treatments"



"Becca has been treating my little rescue dog for over a year now. Lottie was hit by a car when living on the streets in Macedonia so the details of the injury and recovery aren’t fully known.

She copes very well but has had to compensate hugely which has resulted in gait abnormalities and some pain.

Becca is brilliant with Lottie; kind, quiet, gentle, and very observant to her reactions to the treatment, giving her breaks whenever she needs them.

The difference after her treatments are virtually immediate. Her gait improves, she wants to run the whole time on her walks, and generally looks so much happier and even to the touch feels looser in her body.

I can’t recommend her enough!"

Ros McClelland

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